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Are you bored with everyday workouts?

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Are you bored with
everyday wrokouts?

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Are you bored with your everyday workouts?

Are you not sure how to split up your routines, what form to have, and whether or not the exercises are yielding results for you? We offer cross-training in everything from resistance to pilates style, low-impact HIIT, boxing, kickboxing, dance, and so much more! We meet you at your fitness and experience level and then build upon that in so many ways. Regardless of how long ago you’ve given birth, we help you to rehabilitate and strengthen your core, back, and pelvic regions to allow you to not only look better but to feel better in everyday activities! We do accept all female clients and specialize in mom wellness regardless of how long ago you've given birth. Our clients have felt like they can do more, keep up with their family and friends, and have achieved so many fitness and personal life goals through our time together. Whether you're looking to feel or look your best, or you want just to be able to carry your own groceries, we're here for it! Please keep in mind we do have fun here, so you’ll be entertained for the duration of your session!

As far as cardio goes, do you like it? Love it? Or wish it never existed?!

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Resistance training
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We can come up with a cardio plan together to fit into your schedule separate from our sessions.

Not everyone loves exercise nor doing the same types of workouts which we know, so we tailor your plan specifically to YOU. Whether that looks like a nature walk, a vigorous jog or run, going on a spin bike, or otherwise, we will absolutely do what works for you. Stay-at-home moms and working moms alike all have different types of scheduling, so we always plan to pivot! You will be coached the entire way and can reach out if you need more help. You’re never by yourself completely, and I always say that we will catch you before you get the chance to fall too far behind. You will be empowered and motivated because, let’s face it, initial motivation gets us going, but we also know that it’s hard to stay that way all the time.

Consistency is key, and then when you start to see your results, you’ll be even MORE excited to keep going.

Let’s keep the body guessing and get you some variety of movement.